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FCRP® is a groundbreaking skincare ingredient with strong hydrating and anti-aging properties, backed by scientific studies. It enhances skin hydration, reduces wrinkles, promotes healing, prevents irritation, and boosts elasticity by stimulating skin regeneration. FCRP® activates fibroblast proliferation and regeneration, preventing their death and reducing extracellular matrix remodeling. Studies show that tetrapeptide and dipeptide increase Ki-67 and CD98hc protein expression, boosting fibroblast proliferation and regeneration, while reducing Caspase-3 and MMP-9 protein expression to delay aging. Further research shows that FCRP® can induce fibroblasts to produce a large amount of Type I procollagen, which is 142% more effective than the growth factor TGF-β1. It can deeply moisturize, youth and radiant skin, resolve fine lines, improve wrinkles and overall skin texture. , thereby delaying aging.

The peptide enhances skin moisture, reduces wrinkles, promotes healing, improves elasticity, and stimulates regeneration by activating fibroblasts and preventing cell death.

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